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ephemeris - Latin, originally from the Greek "ephémeros, -on," daily. An almanac of the daily motions of the planets and stars.
ephemeris.com - A website devoted to information about time and motion in the universe.

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THE DAY THE EPHEMERIS STOOD STILL — again! This time it was a catastrophic crash with no possibility of easy recovery. Sources had to be ported to a new platform. The crash of course happened at a very inopportune time, when I was not in a position to work on this site. The good news is that this new host can be backed up automatically, and the sources rebuilt in a way that will allow fast recovery on any new host in the future. Thanks for hanging in there!

SPAM ALERT: Some SPAM has been mailed on the net claiming to come from ephemeris.com. It doesn't. You can report these spoofers to the Federal Trade Commission. See Feds Can Spammers Under New Act for more information. Email is not available on this site right now (and hasn't been for about a year) because of the thousands upon thousands of incoming spam messages every month.

Positions are based on JPL's ephemerides. JPL makes no claim as to the accuracy or suitability of their ephemerides for any purpose. ephemeris.com is not associated with JPL, but does use their publicly available ephemerides.

Consult the ephemeris.com online ephemeris for the Sun, Moon, major planets, Chiron, Quaoar, and Sedna. You can also consult the JPL Horizons Ephemeris Generator for positions of the planets, asteroids, and comets. JPL's planet positions are derived from their DE405 ephemeris. The software section of ephemeris.com contains a free software package to read, write, and interpolate DE405 (the world's most accurate planetary database), and any other JPL planetary ephemeris. The software is available under the Lesser Gnu Public License, meaning you can use it anywhere, even in software you intend to sell.

Griffith Observatory Star Award

Griffith Observatory Star Award Griffith Observatory has awarded ephemeris.com their Star Award, "for excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web." We are honored to be recipients of this prestigious award, and will continue in our efforts to promote astronomy to the public. Thank you, Griffith Observatory, and good luck during your extensive renovation project!

Home Ephemeris Solar System History Space & Time Software Books Links Feedback

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